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About Dori Regev

Oil painting technique allows me to synthesize expressive characters

In the form of sketching and painting, I am drawn into expressing my response to observing human activity, concentrating a human experience in a still depiction is both challenging and rewarding.

The Car design profession has led me to develop interest in figurative art. The practice of automotive styling is present in my choice of themes. Physical objects bear personality. The human fascination gained by interacting with objects is of particular interest to me.

I find the bold, yet flexible oil painting technique particularly suited to my work. It allows me to synthesize expressive characters using rough brush strokes and when needed, to precisely navigate elaborate elements.

Sketching is the foundation of my work. It encompasses the passion for correct representation of the human figure and expression. I use sketching to explore uncommon viewing angles, unobtainable in real life model settings.

I use the underlying bone frame and soft tissues comprising the human figure, for an inside-out drawing approach. much like a mechanical system. For me the studio is a sheltered capsule. Listening to music is central to my work process. Classic, Jazz and ethnic music are always present. Music takes me into the meditative state that overcomes creative inhibitions and allows the needed stream of consciousness.



Born In Tel Aviv, Israel.

Education includes the following: Mechanical engineering degree at the Technion,inst. of tech. Israel, Car styling degree at the ACCD, PA, CA, and M.Des at the Middlesex university, London.

A Senior lecturer for Design at the Bezalel Academy of the Arts, Jerusalem, Israel. Have lectured in other art and design academies and universities in Israel.

Design work includes car styling for Mazda, Hiroshima, Japan, and various automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer manufacturers. The design is performed by the Regev Design studio.

Awards include the Israeli ministry of culture, Magazines and competitions.

Exhibitions design and art works have been displayed over the past 26 years.

Artwork includes:

1987-date: figurative sketching

1987-date: automotive sketching

2014-date: painting

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